Sugar Intolerance In Children

Sugar intolerance is digestive condition that affects not just adults but many kids also. The other name of sugar intolerance is fructose intolerance. If you have been diagnosed with fructose intolerance then, your child will have a 25 % likelihood of having the same condition, this is according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Sugar intolerance is basically compared with sugar allergy because of the same symptoms. However, sugar allergy is the result of a hypersensitivity of the immune system.


Basically, the cause of sugar intolerance can be based on the medical history of the child. Unfortunately, this is not curable and it can be prevented but it always be managed through dietary amendments. This sugar intolerance is due to incapability to dissolve sugar because of having small intestines fail to generate the aldolase B enzyme. For you to know, enzymes are protein that may help the body to digest sugar. If your child has the inability to produce enzyme, then the sugar she eats each day will remain undigested that may leads to different complications .


The signs and symptoms of sugar intolerance is not hard to identify. The usual symptoms are vomiting, poor feeding, yellow eyes, convulsion, drowsiness, irritated, jaundice, fussiness and low blood pressure. This is actually based to MedlinePlus. Furthermore, due to inability to digest sugar it can cause toxic chemicals. In this matter, the child’s liver is in danger. Your child may experience sudden drops in blood sugar.


When your child has been diagnosed, you need to be mindful of the food the she needs to eat. You’ll have to eliminate all sucrose and fructose from her daily diet. Of course, this will be hard because we know how kids love sweets and many foods like chocolate, candies and even fruits contain sugar. Particularly, avoid her from eating high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juices, soft drinks, table powdered sugar, sweetened milk, flavored water and sorbitol. You can inform your friends and neighbors for the condition of your child so they would be aware of what’s happening to your child. so, they can restrain themselves to offer sweet foods to her.

But when your child’s condition goes undiagnosed, some complications can occur. Common complications included bleeding, hypoglycemia, gout, liver failure, seizures and worst, death. You can actually talk to a dietitian to ask a dietary program for your child.

What Are The Effects Of Eating Too Much Sugar?

“Do everything in moderation.” A famous quote that emphasizes the importance of eating what is sufficient or the right amount of any necessary food. Too much and too little can be bad that is why you need to watch over your foods. However, you never realize how much sugar you eat each day. There are different foods that filled with some form of sugar. For example, yogurt has around 27 grams of sugar per serving and soft drinks (12 oz.) have 9 teaspoon of sugar. See? You never know how much sugar you accumulate.


When you eat too much sugar, it causes blood sugar rise quickly. A message will be conveyed to your organs that there are many energy available as fuel for your body to use. Then, your body will begin to cease burning fat as fuel and it should be stored instead. And because your body thinks that there are fuel available, it slows down a little and with this, fewer calories will be burned only,


Too much sugar affects your metabolism and because the ability of the body to burn fat is weak then, the people who used to eat more sugar are more prone to gain weight. More so, when you tend to eat a lot of sugar you begin to crave more sweets that can leads you to eat more and more. A researchers found that weight gain in men and women corresponded with the increase in eating foods with added sugars.


Eating too much sugar like candies and chocolates can cause erosion of tooth decay, enamel and cavities. Have you ever perceived kids who love to eat candies or do you have cousin who used to eat chocolate everyday? Try to look their teeth, you can probably see how they suffering from different teeth issues. The bacteria uses sugar as energy to create plaque to stick to your teeth that can be resulted into decay. If you eat sweet foods, it is highly recommended to brush your teeth after you eat.

On the other hand, be alert because sugar allergies may attack you if you eat a lot of sugar. If you have sugar allergy, it will fail the immune system to function normally. With this, you are capable to acquire more disease. However, the best thing for you to cope in this matter is first, avoid eating foods with sugar and consult to your doctor now for proper medication.

Sugar Allergy Symptoms

There is a disputation between the real fact about sugar allergy. Some people claimed that sugar allergy is really an allergy and other said it is an intolerance. However, regardless of either way, the symptoms are more likely the same and it can bring discomfort.

On the other hand, many foods we eat contain sugar that is why sugar allergy can be truly devastating. There are many folks who are allergic to refined sugar while others are allergic to all kind of sugar. Those with individual who has sugar allergy should deter themselves from eating foods with too much sugar. Like an individual who has an allergy in eating seafoods he/she requires himself/herself not to eat seafoods like shrimp, lobster and etc. Symptoms are basically mild and frequently referred to as an intolerance to sugar rather than an allergy.

Those individual who has sugar allergy may always feel exhausted and his traits during the day is not normal. They may feel out of breath or they are ineffective in performing daily routine. Nevertheless, exhaustion can be a symptom of many things. Refusing yourself to use sugar or to eat with sugar may help to determine if that’s the cause.


Those who are suffering in this kind of condition are those who can’t find peace and they are not able to sit in a more relax position. Frequently referred to as being “hyper” from too much sugar, they may engage themselves in a consistent state of movement where it can leads by an utmost fatigue.

Lack of Concentration

A sugar allergy may cause trouble thinking or lack of concentration. Someone may find himself not focus or he can’t even think clearly. Just to finally know if this symptom has the relevance into a sugar allergy and not the cause of something else, you should cease yourself from using or eating with sugar.

Resistance to Insulin

The body become insulin resistant when too much sugar is consumed. Insulin is produced by beta cells that line the pancreas. Then, it is being released into the blood. The insulin controls your metabolism wherein when the body become insulin resistant it would be possible to an individual to gain too much weight or even diabetes.


Depression can be a symptom of a sugar allergy. There are many symptoms associated with depression like loss of appetite, insomnia, eating more that what is necessary, lack of interest in different activities and feeling of worthlessness.

If you are suffering with those kind of sugar allergy symptoms, visit your doctor now for medical check up and proper medication.

Learning About Sugar Allergies

Are you fond of eating sweets or foods with high sugar content like candies, chocolates and cookies? Well, no one will ignore those kind of foods. In fact, most of us really love to eat foods with sugar. Of course, no one can ever imagine a life without sugar or an ingredient that gives sweetness to several foods. For example, think few foods like cake and coffee. Do you think you can eat the cake without sugar or can you drink a coffee without a scoop of sugar. Well, it will end up into a bad and disappointing results.

Sugar is very important ingredient to many foods out there and in fact our body needs an adequate amount of sugar, not more and not less! But Be alert because Sugar Allergies may attack you if you eat an unnecessary amount of sugar. Corn, yeast, eggs, wheat, milk and sugar are the usual goods that cause an allergic reaction. Due to the similar immune and chemical reaction to our body, those allergens have the same symptoms as well. That is why sugar allergy is the kind of allergy that is hard to determine due to its prevalence in some foods.

If you have sugar allergy, it will fail the immune system to function normally. The immune system will actually identify the proteins in the sugar as a hazardous substance when the sugar starts to enter to our body. It will produce IgE antibodies to fight off the sugar proteins. Then, there will be a chemical reaction that may cause usual food allergy symptoms as the result of increased level of histamine in the body. Histamine can cause inflammation in tissues where certain symptoms basically occur like sinuses, lungs and stomach.

Furthermore, nasal issues is a common symptom of sugar allergy. The sinus cavity will become swollen and inflamed, this is a cause of releasing histamine. The abnormal enlargement of sinuses can cause excessive mucus that back up towards the head that generates sinuses headaches. Sinuses headaches can create pain in the cheeks,forehead and behind the eyes. There are also nasal issues like runny nose, congestion and sneezing, this is based on MedlinePlus. More so, gastrointestinal complications can be a symptom of sugar allergy and asthma symptoms are common with a sugar allergy.

If you think you have a sugar allergy, do not think think twice to visit an allergist to determine the cause of the symptoms. Adverse symptoms after eating sugar may be related to sugar intolerance.